Our Task
  • Developing an online store where a manufacturer could directly sell their jewelry
  • Promotion of online store
  • Increasing online store sales
  • Developed and filled the online store
  • Developed a conversion and media strategy to promote the brand
  • Developed a communication strategy and creative materials to promote the brand
  • Optimized the site to ease the user's purchase journey
  • Selected the optimal ratio of media and conversion ads to maximize sales
  • Identified main product groups of the site that are driving sales
  • Launched targeted conversion ads aimed at sales
  • Week-to-week optimization of advertising campaigns to increase website sales
  • Monthly website optimization and SEO adjustment
  • Increased website traffic by 2.5 times in 2020
  • Increased transaction rate by 25%
  • Increased brand sales by 2.2 times in 2020
website traffic
transaction rate
brand sales