About Us
is a full-service media agency with key expertise in digital marketing
We offer a complete range of digital marketing services across B2B and B2C segments.
In the five years since launch, we have served nearly a hundred businesses from Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan, and Switzerland. Most of them have been with us for years now, cooperating on multiple projects. Working on our client’s assignment, we become part of their team and share their result-oriented mindset. We listen to and understand our client’s needs, which results in simple and reliable cooperation.
Our creed
Always staying ahead of the curve, being aware of all cutting-edge digital trends, instantly adapting to new tech and generating effective strategies.
Our mission
Using every opportunity offered by a rapidly developing digital space to meet the goals of your unique business.
Expertise, analytics, creativity, and professionalism
are the backbone of our approach
What makes us special

No routine solutions. No standard conclusions. We study the market, your product and your audience, do an in-depth niche analysis, put your competitors’ activities under a microscope, find and formulate insights, understand your company’s specificities and needs. And it’s only after all of this is done that we offer you a digital promotion strategy and tactics.

We are respectful to every budget we have to deal with and believe that every ad dollar should be spent with a good reason and return profit.

Our team

Each of us is a professional in their own field. Our strength lies in remarkable team spirit and unity.

We respect each other, hear each other and support each other. That’s why we’re so strong and productive. Our values make our work brighter, faster, more accurate and efficient. Together we can achieve great results!

Marina Kolesnikova
Natalya Boyko
Karina Butenko
Commercial Director
Alyona Masiuta
Head of Development
Elena Zagarnyuk
SMM Head
Yulya Kirzyk
Head of eCommerce department
Hanna Akchurina
Head of Analytics department
Oksana Demchuk
Head of Media department
Oksana Melnyk
Head of PR department
Evgeniy Kolchinsky
Head of PPC department
Our team in Kazakhstan
Gulfayrus Duysen
Business Development Manager
Natalia Taylakova
Account Manager
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