Our Task
  • Increase knowledge for Dolphi’s new condom range
  • Increase audience loyalty to the brand
  • Research brand lift, determining the impact of digital advertising on knowledge and audience loyal
  • Identified key audience segment for communication
  • Developed media strategy to promote the product
  • Developed media placement plan and chose optimal communication channels taking into account existing advertising limitations for “Condoms”
  • Conducted a 6-month advertising campaign
  • Optimized buy cost for all advertising tools, increasing reach and frequency of communication
  • Conducted brand lift measurements of knowledge and product loyalty before and after the campaign
  • Reached over 2 million unique visitors (85% of target audience)
  • Increased brand awareness by 8%
  • Increased brand loyalty by 10%
  • Increased brand sales by 13% (1 p.p.
brand awareness
brand loyalt
brand sales