Our Task
  • Building brand knowledge
  • Familiarizing the audience with the brand’s visual identity
  • Communicating brand positioning to the target audience
  • Growing brand attributes
  • Picked the most effective and reachable channel split to get cost-effective results
  • Created a series of 20- and 10-second spots for direct advertising and sponsored content
  • Additionally, we selected two cooking programs, Master Chef and Vse Bude Smachno, that have the highest coverage rates for our target audience and will be able to natively integrate the product and its use
  • Developed branded cutting boards to be used in sponsored content
  • Over 3 million people contacted with direct advertising at 5+ frequency
  • Over 2.5 million people saw the brand's direct-to-consumer advertising at 10+ frequency
  • Over 2.2 million of target audience saw sponsored content at 5+ frequency
  • Organic appearances during cooking shows allowed us to exceed time-on-air KPIs by 20%
  • 30% market share growth during the campaign (1 p.p.)
+3 000 000
contacted with advertising (5+)
+ 2 500 000
0people saw the advertising (10+)
+ 30%
market share