Our Task
  • Developing a streamlined positioning for the brand
  • Communicating the chain’s benefits to the audience
  • Increasing awareness for the chain’s brand
  • Building an association “LotOk is a chain of grocery mini-markets near home”.
  • Increase audience trust in the chain
  • Conducted initial audience analysis for the category and the chain
  • Identified main barriers to choosing the chain as a shopping destination
  • Identified core audience segment for initial communication
  • Identified key communication touchpoints for the audience
  • Identified the chain’s key benefits as a basis for communication
  • Developed promotion ecosystem for the brand
  • Developed media and communication strategy for promotion
  • Developed creative concept and brand positioning
  • Developed social media strategy for the brand
  • Picked relevant communication tools
  • Calculated optimal media plan for communication
  • Conducted image-building campaigns
  • Conducted promotional campaigns
  • Held weekly analysis of campaign progress and audience response to creative messages
  • Ensured 3+ frequency in weekly contacts with the audience
  • Increased in-store traffic 
  • Increased the number of online orders 
  • The number of potential customers who would not shop in the chain’s outlets decreased 5%.
visitor numbers
loyalty increased
- 5%
not a loyal customers