Art exhibition 12 symbols
Our Task
  • To organize, during the quarantine, a 2-week virtual exhibition of paintings “12 Symbols and Meanings” representing 12 stars on the European Union flag
  • To reveal the philosophical meaning of 12 universal symbols in art, such as point, circle, square, triangle, star, etc., using 60 paintings by 49 artists from Europe and Uzbekistan
  • We created a 3-language web platform with the works of famous international and Uzbek artists
  • Announced the exhibition through radio ads and PR materials
  • Conducted a media campaign using digital and social media
  • Engaged social media audience content and activations
  • 5+ million impressions for the event's prom ads
  • 4+ million users reached
  • 10+ thousand exhibition visitors
+ 5 000 000
event's prom ads
+4 000 000
users reached
+10 000
exhibition visitors