Royal Canin. Quality Agents
Our Task
  • Maintaining pet food producer’s positive image among potential consumers
  • Making the audience aware that moving production from France to Poland hasn’t affected the quality of pet food
  • Communicating manufacturer's high-quality standards to the audience
  • Reducing negative mentions of the manufacturer by 20%
  • Offered cat and dog owners to send their representatives to the Royal Canin plant
  • Anyone owning cats or dogs and having a sufficient number of subscribers in social networks could leave an application and become Royal Canin’s “quality agent”
  • We developed a platform where participants could leave an application and eventually vote for their favorite representative
  • In order to scale the project, we had a media campaign targeting cat and dog owners
  • Among everyone taking part in the project, we picked five “quality agents” who went to Royal Canin plant to inspect its production quality
  • Following the trip, we created six videos that showed how the “quality agents” inspected the production and shared their own opinions on what they saw
  • We monitored the brand's information field before and after the project
  • Over 100 applications to become Royal Canin’s “quality agents”
  • Over 14,000 votes for participants
  • Over 500 thousand video views and posts from project participants that greatly shook the skepticism of Ukrainian cat and dog owners
  • The number of negative reviews about the manufacturer decreased by 31%
+500 000
video views
negative reviews