There are two YouTube promotion strategies:

  1. Promotion of your own YouTube channel
  2. Promotion of your own brand through contextual advertising in YouTube

In the first case, we promote YouTube channel through social networks, press releases, paid promotion in the search engines and YouTube.

In the second case, we promote the video or the banner using YouTube contextual and media network. This is similar to what Google Adwords does, however, in this case we are not interested as much in clicks as in the percentage of those who have watched the video in full.

It is very important for the video to be beautiful, interesting and relevant to the user – in such a case, the number of video views will be much higher.

In case with video it is possible to set up the target based on the region, gender, age, keywords, interests, devices, specific channels as well as to launch remarketing.

Similar to the search engine promotion, there is an option to promote the video in YouTube search engine based on the entered key inquiry.

It is important to understand that YouTube promotion is more suitable for increase of brand coverage and awareness rather than for direct sales growth.

If you look at YouTube in terms of a classic banner promotion, it also allows running a banner ad in videos or on the page side.