SMM (Social Media Marketing) — is promotion through Facebook and Instagram social networks.

We offer three types of SMM promotion:

  1. Communities administration: filling with content, generating creative ideas, launching competitions, polls, tests and other activities aimed at the audience engagement
  2. Targeted advertising with payment per advertisement clicks
  3. Banner or article placement in a particular community where your audience is represented

SMM promotion is good since you not only encourage a potential customer to buy, but form a whole base of such customers, increasing the number of subscribers to your pages or groups. You also set up the right communication with your audience, improve brand awareness and loyalty, heat up interest in the company, get feedback and motivate making recurrent purchases.

Facebook is currently the largest social network. Promotion of the brand on Facebook opens the door to a numerous audience.
Facebook is good since it has many advertising tools for promotion, high quality, active audience and has already proven its effectiveness with a competent strategy in place.

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks. Advertising in Instagram appeared not so long ago, which makes the audience receptive to advertising messages.

This social network is suitable for companies that have a product or services based on which it is possible to make attractive photo or video content. In this case, the brand is more likely to gain loyalty and popularity among Instagram audience.

In addition, social networks offer the option of placing native advertising with the help of opinion leaders, whose audience listens to their choices and recommendations. Opinion leaders are the authority in terms of consumer behaviour for the Internet users.

SMM is a very powerful channel for leads generation since it is trusted and loved.