SEO (Search Engine Optimization) — is an option to stay in the search engines top positions for a long time. This tool is not very fast, but very reliable and of a high quality in the long run.

We conduct the proper audit of the site current position in the search engines and offer solutions that will strengthen it. To do this, we analyse the number of indexed pages, the number of links, indicators of authority and site traffic, speed, convenience and adaptability, analysis of robots.txt and sitemap files.

After the audit, the work aimed at raising site positions begins.

  1. We offer to deal with critical technical errors that interfere with the high visibility of the site. We also give recommendations as to convenience and friendliness (user-friendliness) of the site.

  1. We study the semantic core of the site in great detail so that the user could get the necessary relevant information upon his/her request. Thus, upon semantic core analysis we correctly distribute the semantics across the landing pages or create the new pages as well as establish the successful site relinking.
  2. We deal with the link mass of the site, control the number and the quality of the external links that lead to the site. Thus, in the algorithm of the search engines, the value of the given resource grows, and its rating rises. We use only white promotion methods, i.e., we place perpetual links only on proven, high quality resources, forums, blogs, QA services; we create press releases as well.
  3. We give recommendations as to writing texts for the site that “will be liked” by the search engines and can work on their implementation.

It is important to understand that the effect of the work done lasts for many months or even years. The users trust the site that gets into the top organically and make purchases on it more often.