PPC (Pay per Click) promotion

This tool with the right approach to the advertising campaign brings very fast, and most importantly, effective results.

For any business, PPC can be configured in two ways:

  1. Contextual (search) marketing. It is the creation of relevant key queries based on which the Internet user sees either your site or the advertisement on the first places of search results. In such a way, you will bypass the competitors who have stronger SEO positions.

For each click of the user a certain amount is charged; it is defined by the advertising category popularity, keywords, placement time.

To get the most out of such promotion it is necessary to choose the right keywords, create the relevant interesting advertising headline as well as the text. It is also important that the landing page, i.e., the page the user hits against the ad, would be user-friendly and responsive to the user’s inquiry.

Such an advertising looks native to the search engine and inspires user confidence.

2.Placement of your own advertising banners in Google or Yandex contextual media network.

The contextual media sites cover 90% of the Internet space. The contextual media network allows choosing the placement location (certain sites), the target audience to which you want to show the advertising (e.g., mothers with children who plan to go on vacation) as well as the specific context (e.g., cooking).

The advantage of showing such a banner is that it is demonstrated only to those people who are really interested in your product and can be potential buyers.

It is also worth mentioning an important function for increasing business profits, i.e., remarketing. With remarketing, it is possible to show ad to the users who have already visited the site or have made a certain action on it (bought a certain product).

In such a way, you remind the user of your site and motivate him/her to make a purchase.