PR – public relations

Today every company strives to build its own success story in the media space. After all, it is not enough to do something good and to achieve success in a specific field. It is important that others – partners, investors, customers, consumers – know about it. Good PR ensures not only positive image of the company, individual, party, but also contributes to business development, investments attraction, achievement of new ambitious goals. Properly built public relations increase product sales and / or promotion, positively influence person, brand or company awareness.

In the context of modern times, PR uses all known media activities, successfully works in social networks, and has long been not limited to print and electronic media. Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, YouTube, other social media and video hostings now work as full-fledged media that are fully accessible to everyone and can attract almost unlimited audience.

AMS agency uses all modern PR tools and can ensure the development and implementation of PR-strategy for business and political structures, has experience in building anti-crisis PR, neutralizing media attacks and creation of neutral and positive information field. We can provide our customers, if necessary, with comprehensive advertising and PR support.

Business PR

  • We develop comprehensive PR-strategies in accordance with the tasks of our clients.
  • We keep an eye on the search engines in terms of mentions of our customers, and if necessary, their competitors, in the information field.
  • We make communication and reputation audit.
  • We implement tactical PR-tasks for a certain period of time.
  • We develop PR-programs in accordance with the strategic task of clients taking into account the target audience of influence.
  • We have and use a wide modern range of PR-tools for successful implementation of PR-tasks.

Political PR

  • We develop the strategy.
  • We form public opinion.
  • We provide lobbying for the client’s interests.

Anti-crisis PR

  • We develop the strategy
  • We align the information field
  • We repel and neutralize media attacks
  • We change reputational and information vectors