Programmatic buying

Programmatic buying

Why do we love the programmatic?

The programmatic advantage is that it makes the buying process faster, more efficient and less expensive.

Advertisers can research their advertising campaigns in more detail (through super accurate targeting of the users who are shown the right ad at the right time) and strategically monitor their performance.

This clear, transparent and effective environment is designed to properly purchase the advertiser-chosen audiences.

So, what is the programmatic?

To put it simply, it is an automated RTB (Real-Time Bidding) technology, i.e. purchase of real-time advertising based on an auction. However, the programmatic is a bit broader and, in addition to RTB it also includes limited auctions and direct sales. As such, full and clear definition would be as follows:

The programmatic is a set of methods used for advertising purchase in the Internet with the help of the automated systems (robots) and the algorithms that make decisions as to transaction without human intervention (buyer) based on socio-demographic and behavioural data about the users available to both the platform and the advertiser. This approach allows improving targeting and, in fact, moving from purchasing numbers and impressions to target audience purchases.