We all know how important it is to choose the right communication channels and to create the right media mix for an effective campaign.

There are not many tools within one offline type of media. For example, on TV you can use video, sponsorship, etc. In fact, it’s not that much compared to the Internet.

All formats inside TV or radio work more or less in the same way: in any case, it will be video- or audio format that people will watch and listen to. In terms of the Internet, we have a lot of different small media each of which works in its own way. For example, try to make a viral video in contextual advertising. Due to the fact that these tools work completely differently, the success of the company often depends on their correct choice.

The second huge advantage of the digital media is its measurability. The way the online media is measured cannot be compared to any other.

That’s why we love digital and know all about this media!