Website development

Website development

We approach the issue of your site creation with all responsibility and knowledge of the business. To begin with, we meet with you and discuss all the details. Then we conduct the proper audit of the market and competitors sites, we study your target audience and its needs.

While creating a site, you always have one out of two choices: either to use ready-made site templates and design or to develop everything from scratch. In addition, the choice of all additional plugins and gimmicks on the site will depend only on your wish.

The main stages of the site development are as follows:

  • Discussion about specifics of the site as well as the necessary tasks that the site must perform; putting together the commercial goals of your project and budget set up
  • Internal analysis of competitors, market trends and customer preferences
  • Choice of the site template, identification of the necessary technical improvements and plugins
  • Creation of the site logic and usability
  • Development or purchase of the site design
  • The site testing
  • The site release (we may transfer all site usage rights to the customer or may arrange constant support from our side)

At each stage of development, you will have the opportunity to consult with us and to monitor the implementation of all tasks.

In this way, you remind the user of your site and motivate him/her to make a purchase.