Usability design (UX and UI design)

Usability design (UX and UI design)

The main task of the site usability is to make it not just beautiful, but also logical, simple and clear for the user. In addition, successfully developed usability motivates the user to buy and to press certain buttons and forms.

UX is the User Experience – a well-thought-out strategy of experience the user will gain from interaction with your site. This strategy is based on the site usage logic: steps that will precede the purchase, easiness in terms of finding the right product, placing an order, making payment for the purchase, etc.

UI is the User Interface – a strategy of the site interface appearance: color of buttons that will be more clickable, font size or photo size to use, the way to draw a shopping basket icon, etc.

Therefore, it is more rational to talk about UX / UI design when everything is taken as a whole.

Key tasks of UX / UI design are the following ones:

  • Analysis of the information about the future site and its target audience
  • Design of the user scripts
  • Website design and style
  • Layouts creation
  • Making the interface style in graphic applications