Design of the advertising materials

Design of the advertising materials


The century of ordinary banners and screensavers is over. Everyone knows about the “banner blindness” of users who visit the Internet resources. Simply, everyone has got tired of tasteless and annoying banners, pop-ups that appear in the content.

Now to attract the audience attention it is necessary to make the banner in a way that it attracts attention with its beauty, style and convincing text.

The banner should not only be beautifully made, but it should also demonstrate the style of your company for strong association with the brand to appear.


Good advertising branding can even enrich the website. It is more effective in terms of advertising promotion due to its size, location and appearance.


The high-quality infographics can be a great advertising. However, it is important to understand that this is not a classic version of advertising at all. It acts as a viral content that at the same time may contain native advertising.

Infographics should be interesting: it should be such that you would want to share, save, like it.

Infographics content should be unique, readable and professional in terms of design.

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