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We are AMS Digital Agency

We are the young digital agency that has already won trust and love of many our clients.

We bring cool results for business: sales grow, brand awareness increases as well as brand trust gets stronger!

We make all your digital dreams come true!


We believe, better to say, we know that the future of advertising will be entirely digital!

Therefore, we follow the new trends and cool solutions in the digital world and are ready to implement them in the real life of your brand.

We are for brands to keep in step with the times!


She had been working for 5 years in the digital field of 1 + 1 Group of Companies, developed strategies and generated digital sales.

Constant thirst for new discoveries and achievements motivated her to create her own digital agency, where the one may put into practice all the acquired knowledge, the world technologies and the previous projects experience.


We do not offer the standard solutions that you can come across in the Internet.

Thanks to high quality expertise as well as analytics, creative and professional approach, we find the strategy that will make the brand better and more successful within the shortest possible time.


We are the young agency; however, all our employees are the leaders of their profession, as they have been working in the field of digital advertising and development for several years in a row.

That’s why we know exactly what to offer for your brand, so that its KPIs start growing by leaps and bounds.

Our clients say …

  • "Спасибо за отлично проделанную работу! Коммуникация на высшем уровне, работы выполняются качественно и в сроки. Очень приятно работать с профессионалами своего дела. С благодарностью команда SVITOZAR."


  • "Работаем с ребятами уже довольно давно. Никаких нареканий, одни положительные впечатления. Отзывчивый и опытный персонал. Спасибо за неоценимую помощь и плодотворное сотрудничество!=)"

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Наша команда

John Rawley

John Rawley

John Doe

John Doe

Jessica Doe

Jessica Doe

Kwon Lesley

Kwon Lesley


Марина Колесникова


Наталья Бойко


Алена Масюта

Account Director

Елена Загарнюк

SMM Head

Вита Опанасенко

Head of eCommerce department

Ольга Шарапова

Head of Design department

Александр Демченко

Head of Development

Анна Акчурина

Head of Analytics department

Оксана Демчук

Head of Media department

Оксана Мельник

Head of PR department

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